About Rita

First of all, don’t be scared about the name of the blog, well, not too scared.


I am Rita, and i do a bunch of stuff on second life, once upon a time this blog was just an expression of second life fashion outfits. I’ve stopped posting in 2014 as i got more focused on a another project. EVO Breeding co. I’m the fairy godmother, that is what my community of fairy Guardians would say about me. I’m the current designer of the EVO MC*Fairies, also Co-owner of RemoodUnited Sim, home of EVO Breeding Co. , Vestigium, Yuko, Gclef Streams and so much more. We have an area of events, a club, stall markets and little stores too; There’s events happening at the sim all over the year; I’m the owner and designer of Vestigium, what started as a cool project on an boring night without friends to hang around, ended up being a cool store with some nice tattoos, which at the moment i am trying to do more weekly releases again, I’ve started working with 3D programs and bringing new mesh content within Second Life.

This is the place i chose to revamp, so that i can share a bunch of my projects, display them and bring awareness!


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