Meh is a boy

Ever wanted to try their pants? What are you waiting for? Today i visited Pumpkin to check some new stuff, and i saw these pants. Well they are for male, but i tried and they fited, and without a better checking i bought them..At home trying to make them look good, they didn’t go good with boobs..LOOL!! Sooo, and as i felt inlove for this ones, i just turned into my male version..,and TADAAAA! I mean.. Really? I wish some guys i know looked so good as i do in my male version..Yeah i’m being very modest i know..LOL… Enought with the talking…I hope you enjoy the look…


Belly Tattoo: Vestigium – Let’s Play [S] Free

Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Delaney Shoes

Sleeves Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Dire   [Faded]…

Tapes: SiniStyle Taped Fist (Thin Wrists – Fingers)

Bottom Tattoo: Vestigium – Riper Unisex Tattoo [U]

Necklace: – .HoD. – Nothing’s Necklace -Male

Hat: :GAUGED: Fedora – Hat

Ears: [Acide!] Pique la

Pants: [Pumpkin]Fishman pants

Skin: -Sorry.Asia- KYLE (Beard 2) HB  T3 – Closed

That’s it!! I hope you guys!


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