Dressing like a Demon

Allooo..I’m so happy..I found 2 awesome tools and one feature on viewer that i want to share before i give you guys the credits. So first of all i’ve been using the PoseAnywhere 2 and i can assure you is tottally worth the money. With this hud you can easily organize all your poses, by store, by packs, by everything you want because you can load them for “folders”, you can even pose yourself or another person. I don’t know what more can i say about it, but i think those features are allready catchy, at least they made me have it.

Second thing is, i found another hud (and this one is free, yay) that fixes all your eyes problem. Ever happened to you wanting to take a picture and your eyes are all goofy twisted??? To me that happens all the time and costs me alot of time to work them out too look straight. Anypose hud is the solution, you just need to choose to what position you want your eyes to look at, no rezzing boxes and doing the hard job of fixing them. More, it comes also with face expressions and hand positions, and again like PoseAnywhere 2 you can also use it on yourself or on another person. This is just too awesome, and it’s for free.

Now, the new feature i discovered yesterday browsing Strawberry Singh blog, and wich is present on viewer 3. Well i’m not a viewer 3 user, i usually use Firestorm Mesh Beta, but i downloaded and i will tottally login on it each time i do a new post, want to know why? So if you are a blogger, you tottally know how a pain in the a*s is to make credits, it just takes too much time, copy pasting each item and then going back to slurls, but in this Second Life’s viewer 3 has a feature that copy all that you are wearing to clipboard, so you just need to come to blog and paste it. Well you still need to do some arrangements because it will copy everything, if you wear a pair of jeans with prims, it will copy tha layer and the two cuffs for example, but even, it’s still worth it. Well you will still have to make the slurl linking stuff by hand, but you have to admit that is still an awesome feature. 😀 I will let you the tutorial on how to do it, by Torley Linden.

And finally, the CREDITS.. 😀

Garter – Maitreya Allure Girdle-Lower – Black

Shoes – *COCO*_OxfordShoes_Base

Dress – *L.inc* Tankdress White

Corset – Schadenfreude Underbust Corset

Nails – “TSG” Stiletto Claws Left Hand in Black

Horns – Schadenfreude Kinder Horns

Hair – [kik]hair-Olive(coffee)

Skin – {.essences.} Dharma skin Vintage Fair

Shape – Le*Se – Cici

Eyes – “TSG” Beauty Eye Blue

Pose – Diesel Works

That’s all folks 😀


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