This is the new Coco work as a new brand named *DOLLCOCO*.

The dolls are just amazing and i couldn’t resist getting mine and doing some photos with.

This is all Mesh work, and most usual stuff will not work with these avatars, cause the body isn’t his standard place.

For Everyone on the *DOLLCOCO* Group the bodys are free, you can choose between Snow and Cacao.

There’s some heads you can choose from and they have different charecteristics.

They have their own clothes, and this clothes will only work with this dolls.

The Elf Ears are another group gift.

Well and i just loved the way the body works with poses, i really don’t know how to explain, but it looks far more expressive body than sl shape.


Body – *DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow)

Head – *DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Lily

Ears – *DOLLCOCO*_Gift_ElfEars

Dress – *DOLLCOCO*_SleevelessDress_Black

Hair – fri. – Tatum – Passionate Red

DollKey – ::LEO-NT:: ACORN Dollkey

Poses – Marukin and TeaSoup (Store is Closed)

Place – Dirty Lynx



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