Fame!! I said fame bitch!

Omg..Look at us, we are famous…So..We were hanging around..As allways looking for something funny, or nice environments for photos or new goodies for blog about, and here we found this place, awesome textures..In a building, a industrial lift, we got in (loool before that we really got scared of being smashed by it, and we seriously laughted about after running away from the lift) and get into the roof..and there it was a photo of us!!!Daam i have to say…fuck us, we are famous…ahahahahha…well let’s see the credits…I heard some rumours that people apreciate our blog but think we don’t post as much as they would love to see…We will try to do more posts and blog about more new stuff..AhHHH shadows are awesome…Thank you Ancor!!

Lu’s Credits


Hair – [e] Garden – Rich Browns

Piercing – Cobrahive – Nose Swirl 00

Sweater  –  Arai *to one lounge* swet onpi_black

Stockings – *Sheer* Stockings: KissKiss

Shoes – *BC322 Slip-on sneaker

Guns – *BREACH* MAC10 1.3 Box

Pose – Tea Soup

Ancor’s Look

Skin – [ DNA ] .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 1B_]   STUBBLE SKIN MALE

Hair – [NSD] Blake Fedora Hair/Espresso

Facial Hair – *Trailerstar* Mutton Chops V1

Pipe – [NikotiN]  Pipe_Weed (v.3)

Hand tapes – SiniStyle Taped Fist

Eyes – SiniStyle Crow Eye

Pants – Armidi

Hoodie – *ARAI* Parka 02_black


Guns – :::Brutal Weapons:::Desert_Eagle

Sneakers – UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Pose – Tea Soup

❤ kisses


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