Rita Tyson


Daam, i’m so happy i could die! Aww yeah..Shadows baby, yeash shadowssssss!! I mean, Ancor fixed his pc and he is now able to take pics with shadows..YAAAAY! Shadows+My little edition on photoshop and we have this AWESOME photos..Really i’m so excited, well but today it’s thursday that might help on that..LooooL..Ok i have been for ages to take this pic about boxe..Well atleast since i got this shorts from Ronsem in a hunt. Then it was just the search for the rest of the acessories to go with it.. Today when i finally had the look done, i found very hard to find a nice boxing ring, so i went to the funny part, fuck Ancor’s head till he couldn’t hear me anymore asking to build me a ring, ask a friend who had an Arena to take the pics there and YAAAAYY the shadows added the last bit of awesomeness to this photos…I hope you like it..Let’s see the body photo and the credits…Thank you Ancor 😀


Skin – [Al Vulo!]-[ Eliza ]-[ natural bronze]

Shape – Le*Se – Star Shape

Hair – [e] Glory – Black 07

Boxe Set – Hat Mechanic – Evillast boxed

Bandages – [][]Trap[][] Hakama Black – part of the outfit

Makeup – SU!- Add On Your Face *Tattoo*

Tattoo – [GLUE INK] ~* Latin Lover Street Side Drama*~

Shoes – UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Shorts – RONSEM* Jersey Half / red

Poses – 5ifth Order Animation Array

Yaaaaay..I’m done babes..:D


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