Saint and the Sinner

Say hello to my friend.. Humm, noesss, i don’t mean Ancor, i was talking about his big and scary knife! SO i’m sorry if these photos are too much, but well the name of the blog is SEX bla bla bla what were you waiting for? bunnehs??? :p Let’s see more angles of this..Ok?

And we turn the camera a little more so we can see the “saint” ahahah…nope not really a saint but almost close to it…So he threatened me with the knife to make me do these bad things to him..*feels ashamed*…looool..let’s turn the cam a lil bit more to see the face of the sinner…

And finally you can see the sinner’s face. Oh yeah face it in the eyes, the evilish green eyes looking at me *feels afraid*…Ok enought of this..looool..Let’s see the from each one of us point of view and the credits off course!

Her Point of view (his credits)

Hair –  *Drot* Jeremy 2.0 – Smoke

Tattoo – AITUI TATTOO – Zodiac – ASF Virgo III

Belt – l[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/BLACK/MALE

Boxer – ( R E D ) M I N T ~ B O X E R S ~ SIDE DROP (No.07) ~

Knife/Leg  – *DL* – Assassin boots

Sneakers – UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Skin – *KENTO* Toban_T5 – Pure (hairbase)

Piercing/nipples – .HoD. – Lustful Piercing – Double Hoop – Razor

Arm band – [arnadi] old retro tennis wristband 2 stripes black/white R

Pants – [NV] UFF PANTS Black

Tattoo – [PURE INK] ~Assassin~  Tattoo

Ears – AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ears – Human – 1″ (w/HUD)

Hand tapes – SiniStyle Taped Fist (Full Palm)

Eyes – REPULSE – Cyborg v2 Eyes

Scar – REPULSE – Sinner Stomach Wound Tattoo 1

Mask – Cobrahive – Escaping Lecter

His Point of view (her credits)

Hair – Magika Hair // Layne

Skin – [Al Vulo!]-[ Eliza ]-[ natural bronze]

Glasses – YV : LE.LOOK! l’homme – Glasses

Top – *Linc* Tankdress White

Shirt – Pig – Billy Wrap Dark Grey


Stockings – *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black

Watch – MIEL TROUPE WATCH – bright

Shoes – amaama+long sneaker

That’s it luvies..Ahh the photos were taken in Toxia


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