Green Light

Hell yeah we are back together to bring you some creepy and awesome looks! I hope you like it, this pic is like saying “Hello” to you and also to show in detail the faces. This awesome and very original skins are from MiaSnow, we would really like to thank her so much for provide those ones to us! THANK YOU…

Let’s see the rest of the looks so..

Here we are the both of us! Well while doing the photos a song came to my mind, it doesn’t have to much to do with the looks, but with the background, let me share it with you guys.. MUSIC :p And in fact, sometimes all we need is a green light, if you know what i mean…

Ok let’s see the photos with each one of us on “detail” and the credits…

Ancor’s Credits

Armor – Krova Infiltrator – Super Possessed

Ears – AITUI – (Type 3) Stretched Ear – Human – Twist – L

Tattoo – CATACLYSM +Fallen Gods Inc.+

Eyes – MIASNOW Eyes – ZOMBIE 5 pack

Skin – MIASNOW Skin – IMMORTAL DREAMER Male 2 red (v2)

Lu’s Credits

Skin – MIASNOW Skin – MUERTO MARIA black

Eyes – MIASNOW Eyes – SHINE mint

Shape – Le*Se – Star Shape

Hair – booN LUV205 hair black

Outfit – Graves – G215 Cobra – Black

Boots –  TheAbyss – NAU Combat Boots

We are done here :p Hope you like it!


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