Red Ridding Hood

Once upon a time…Noes??? You guys don’t like story tales?? Too bad, i love this one! I just think the characters are very ambiguous! I don’t see the little riding hood that innocent as they picture it, i don’t think the wolf is so mean and they made him, the grandma is not so the victim, and no such thing as the great and heroic hunter 😀 Loool, am i dreaming too much? Maybe! Well let’s see the pics we made and the credits!

So let’s tell the story in my perspective! The little but not that innocent riding hood walks home in front of the wolf. pretending she doesn’t know he is after her, while the gramma waits her grand child preparing the trap for the poor wolfie!

Wolfie peaks at the window, staying alert, not trusting human, without going after them before check the house!

What the wolf doens’t know is that on the other door the hunter is preparing a trap and waiting him!

And he decides to move on, preparing some revenge! Yeah in some kind of alternative story i think the evil one in the story is the red riding hood helped out by gramma and hunter, traping the poor wolfie who just come for some sort of revenge! Am i twisted? Probably! The end? That is up to you to decide…


The Credits…

Gramma –

MrS – Old woman – “Palmira” FULL AVATAR”

Red RidingHood –

Skin – .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Tan – Winter A2

Eyes – REPULSE – Void Eyes

Hair – Maitreya Nadja – Pitch


Outfit – [Sassy Kitty Designs] Little Red Riding Outfit

Boots – [Gos] GTFO Boots in Savage

Hunter –

Skin – 05   Tan Skin -King FX- /fightclub+base+bodyhair  *REDGRAVE*

gun – “””::: Brutal Weapons :::””” – AK-47 – Rifle (v1.1)

boots – WMD – ROT Test Boots Multicolour

Cigarette – ROYAL cigarette

Pants – [NSD] – Homme Jeans/Black


*Senses* – (NIRAMYTH) – The Darkness (2.1)

The place

Hope you liked the little story tale!

Keep tuned!


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